Hi I’m Dr Kitty,

I’m really excited to meet you all. I’ve been in practice for 15 years and Chiropractic has played a monumental role in my life. My passion lies in transforming peoples perception of health. I firmly believe that a correctly functioning nervous system is the pinnacle of optimal health, and it’s a conscious choice.

Part of my role as a practitioner is to guide people to make that choice. I love communicating Chiropractic. I love seeing the positive impact Chiropractic can have in peoples lives. I love to learn, and I love working with the human body, that never ceases to amaze me! I love being a Chiropractor. When I’m not being a Chiropractor, I am a mum to our 15 month old son, Goldie.

My wife and I usually live between Brisbane and our farm in Northern NSW and since covid hit we’ve been based more in NSW. We’re looking forward to putting more roots down in the community. Since being on this side of the border my green thumb has improved growing organic herbs and vegetables and I’ve started drum lessons!