From a Marketing University, to the AFL field I end up meeting my true purpose in life. Chiropractic is to me the most powerful and profound force of healing. I experienced Chiropractic care through my whole life, and always knew the power of those little adjustments I received on the table changed every cell in my body.

It was fascinating that one adjustment would help me not only with my injuries but also with my digestion and my immune system. For that reason, I started to study Chiropractic, in the course of my degree I realised that I haven’t only being adjusted with chiropractic work but with something much deeper than a spinal adjustment, called kinesiology.

So, after finishing my Chiropractic degree, I dove in and deepened my knowledge in this new and amazing field of kinesiology. Today I have more than 5 specializations of different kinesiology techniques, and with these tools my scope of practice expanded and I can work in much deeper levels helping to reveal the cause of the pain or ailment you are feeling.

One of the things I’m often asked is “How can you help me?”

As much as I know I can help you, the healing needs to start from you. If you care about your health, like we do at Essence Chiropractic, you can be helped.

I am always curious about the human health and the potential of the body healing itself with the right stimulus. Knowing that we have all the support that we need to heal inside of our body and that our body is a Universe in itself, I believe that you can heal any illness.

I am also passionate about human development and being in the right mind set is the beginning of all the healing you need.

“I believe you must bring your whole self to the table if you want to thrive in today’s world”
– Marie Forleo
As Marie mentions bringing your whole self to the table is what we need today, and that’s how I see my life. In everything I do I bring my whole self, and this is what you can expect from me.
Which Brings Me to You

When you are in pain, bringing your whole self to the table can be almost impossible. A body in pain or diseased is depleted and can interfere in the day to day life. I get that, I’ve been there myself.

If you’re in pain I want you to know that there is a solution. Chiropractic care together with Kinesiology can bring the great relief that you’re looking for.

I am here to serve. Essence Chiropractic is a business created in compassion, results and love for health. We give you the necessary care, tools and knowledge that can help you to get rid of that pain and bring your body into health to its fullest potential.

If you are curious to know more,
Please contact us for more information.

I hope to see you soon,
Dr Andrew Treloar

Hi I’m Dr Kitty,

I’m really excited to meet you all. I’ve been in practice for 15 years and Chiropractic has played a monumental role in my life. My passion lies in transforming peoples perception of health. I firmly believe that a correctly functioning nervous system is the pinnacle of optimal health, and it’s a conscious choice.

Part of my role as a practitioner is to guide people to make that choice. I love communicating Chiropractic. I love seeing the positive impact Chiropractic can have in peoples lives. I love to learn, and I love working with the human body, that never ceases to amaze me! I love being a Chiropractor. When I’m not being a Chiropractor, I am a mum to our 15 month old son, Goldie.

My wife and I usually live between Brisbane and our farm in Northern NSW and since covid hit we’ve been based more in NSW. We’re looking forward to putting more roots down in the community. Since being on this side of the border my green thumb has improved growing organic herbs and vegetables and I’ve started drum lessons!